TM Community is a meditation movement that will change the world for the better.

We’ll connect and engage all meditators worldwide that have learned Transcendental Meditation. Let’s get together, meditate together and support each other. Let’s make the world awesome.

TM Community Mobile App

We’re building a great smartphone app for TM Community

Meditation Timer

Designed with TM practice in mind, the timer is elegant and minimal, but with all the settings you may need, and more.

Connect with Friends

Invite all your TM friends to TM Community. You’ll be able to chat inside the app and encourage each other to regular meditations.

Building a Worldwide Community

Interactive map showing all TM Community meditators around the world.

Reference Guide

Practical illustrated guides to Yoga Asanas and Pranayama along with the selection of best TM videos.

Personal Stats

Your meditation statistics including consecutive days or average duration.

It’s free
TM Community app is our gift for you. Keep spreading happiness and always help others.


Daily Meditators

The goal of TM Community is to create lasting peace worldwide. In the first stage of this journey, we're going to reach 1,000,000 daily meditators using TM Community app.